Because Chalk’s methods are centered on goals, our deliverables are honest, transparent, and focused on accomplishing tasks with least resistance.

We are a modest studio staking no claim in ‘changing the world;’ we’re not planning on ‘disrupting’ industries, and we’re certainly not ‘the Uber of’ anything. We’re a down-to-earth company looking to help some very cool people succeed.

We are not here to make a name for ourselves. We’re not here to create a ‘portfolio piece’ with a client’s hard-earned budget, or win awards. We are here to design a strategy that works well for our clients and their customers. If we accomplish that, we think the rest will sort itself out.

Some agencies attempt to force their own ideas on clients for the sake of their own art. They try to inflate their reputation among social or tech communities or gain followers. These solutions may look flashy at first glance, but if they aren’t based on definitive goals, if they aren’t honest, they risk diminishing value in brand equity.

We promise to never put personal agendas in front of client goals. We understand our deliverables are just as much business as they are design. We will create beautiful work, and be an advocate for both the brand and the consumer, but function will always win over form, because design is not art. ◾



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